General Education Search Tool – All Courses

You can use this tool to search all current and former UC Davis General Education courses by selecting one or more of the GE attributes. If you need GE search results for courses in a specific term or quarter, see the General Education Search Tool – By Term.

Your search can be filtered by college and level. If no filters are chosen, the search may take several minutes to finish. Search results include the course code, title, units, GE details and attributes, and any course prerequisites. To see if the GE attributes have changed, or will change in the future, select view in the GE Details column. Your search results can be saved as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats.

Future term course information is available the week before Pass 1 registration begins for that term. For registration dates, see the Academic Calendar.

For information about former GE course applicability, see the appropriate catalog version. For information about new or revised GE course applicability, see the General Catalog.

Be sure to review with your advisor all GE requirements, Notes and Additional Conditions before choosing courses to fulfill your General Education unit requirements, especially those related to Entry Level Writing and English Composition requirements.

College:    Subject: Former GE Attributes New GE Attributes
Level:    Output Topical Breadth Other Topical Breadth Core Literacies
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