MIC 102 021 - Intro Microbiology

Subject Area: Microbiology
Term: Summer Session 2, 2020
CRN: 72445
Instructor: Singer/Roshanravan
Units: 3
Former GE Credit (Prior to Fall 2011 catalog rights):
Science & Engineering
New GE Credit (Start Fall 2011 catalog rights):
Quantitative Literacy
Science & Engineering
Scientific Literacy

Meeting Times: Location:
MWF 12:10 - 1:50 PM Remote Instruction

Final Exam:
See Instructor for Details.
Course Drop: August 10, 2020
Course Materials: UC Davis Bookstore

Survey of the biology of microorganisms. Topics include microbial structure, physiology, genetics, and evolution; virology; environmental microbiology; the immune system; and microbial pathogens and disease transmission. In combination with course 102L, fulfills the Microbiology requirement for professional schools.
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Course Cross Listing:
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Course Credit Limitation:
Not open for credit to students who have completed course 101.

Course Note:

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