California Residence for Purposes of Tuition

UC Residence Policy and Guidelines

The determination of residence for tuition purposes at the University of California is governed by the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines established by the UC Regents, and implemented by the UC President in consultation with the UC General Counsel. The Office of the General Counsel is the final authority on residence policy for the UC system.

Contact a Residence Deputy

Students. Include your UC Davis Student ID number and full legal name in your email.

Parents and Others. Please include a contact telephone number in your email.

Residence Topics

Detailed information regarding, forms and instructions can be found under Processes and Important Dates.

This website is not a complete explanation of laws and rules regarding residence. Changes may be made in residence requirements between the publication of material on this site and the relevant Residence Determination Date. For questions not answered by information on this site, students may contact a campus Residence Deputy. Residence Deputies are the only UC Davis personnel authorized to provide information regarding residence requirements.